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Sound Horizon!

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Sound Horizon! Empty Sound Horizon!

Post by Guest on Fri May 27, 2011 12:45 pm

So I love listening to Japanese music, mostly because it's an easy way to study and also because it's damn awesome. But there's one band I love the most, and it's not just because they're not manufactured pop. They're called Sound Horizon and are the creation of this genius called Revo. And since they are so unknown outside of Japan, I am trying to get people to know them.

They're pretty awesome because all of their albums are stories. The three most recent are Marchen, Moira and Roman. Marchen is a gothic spin on Grimm fairytales; Moira a re-imagining of Greek mythology, and Roman a series of mini stories as seen by two enchanted dolls. They're really quite amazing.

This is probably one of my favourite songs by them, Asa to Yoru no ROMAN (The Tale of Morning and Night, extra creepy remix version). It's the first track of Roman and just. I have listened to it so many times. Hiver is a boy who died before he was born, and is sending his two dolls into the living world to get a glimpse of what he will never experience.

One of the prettiest songs in Marchen, Bara no Tou de Nemuri Himigimi (The Princess Who Sleeps in the Tower of Roses). One of the last few songs in the album but I absolutely adore it. It's basically Sleeping Beauty. Marchen is the main character of the album, and he helps those wronged get their revenge.

And here is my current favourite, Shiseru Monotachi no Monogatari (The Story of our Death). It's one of the mid songs in Moira, and incidentally the song where my signature comes from xD The story in this one is a bit too complex for me, but it's basically about separation and those involved not wanting it to happen.

Please listen, I'll love you forever <3


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Sound Horizon! Empty Re: Sound Horizon!

Post by Zelda on Fri May 27, 2011 7:56 pm

I agree with you there Din. I love Japanese music too (well, all music in general).

And that is cool that their albums are stories. I'll have to sneak on while I'm at work later on and listen when the admin people leave at 5, lol. I'm getting ready for work now so I can't do it now. Plus the internet is faster at work.

I'll give you my feedback once I do!

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