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Under the weather

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Under the weather Empty Under the weather

Post by Zelda on Wed May 18, 2011 9:07 am

Have you guys ever had that feeling that you were sick, only because of your allergies? Well, that's what I'm suffering from right now.

All day Monday, my eyes felt so very tired and I just wanted to close them. Yet, I was not tired at all! It kinda sucked because I had a final that evening. So my final was basically spent with one eye or the other open. Hahaha, I'm sure if my teacher looked at me, he'd wonder if I was winking at him cause he'd see me with my left eye open and the right eye closed, then a few minutes later, my left eye would be closed and my right eye open.

Also had a headache since Monday. I took tylenol this afternoon while talking to Malon which just put me to sleep, but luckily, my headache went away after my nap.

Now my eyes are doing it again. They're feeling like they want to close even though I'm not tired yet. Stop that darn eyes!!!

Well anyway, on a good note, I was able to revamp most (if not all, but I believe it's all) the images on the forum (yay for me) so feel free to look around. Let's be a little bit more active and join in on the festivities of the upcoming Hyrule Olympics!!!

Me and Gyorg already got our tickets!

Anyhoo, we'll try it in a few weeks, while it's still summer and I have a *little* more time on my hands (even though I'm taking summer school).

I will leave you all with a little test: if you reply to this thread and have a meaningful (meaning more than just hi, bye, how are you, I'm fine) conversation. I mean an actual conversation. You will get 100 rupees!!!

And with that my dear guildies, I shall leave you to go to sleep now.

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